Lesson 5 Exercise 1

Je suis terriblement en retard .. mais j'ai pris plaisir à "croquer" ma grosse jarre et le petit buis couverts de neige encore cet après-midi. (papier Canson mi-teintes crayon graphite, crayon Stabilo CarbOthello blanc et crayon Derwent rouge venitien)

I'm way behind... But it was fun sketching my big jar and little boxtree still covered with snow this afteernoon. (Canson tinted paper, graphite pencil, white Stabilo CarbOthello pencil and Venetian Red Derwent pencil)

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1. Alex Tan (site web) 21/12/2010

Nice one Martine! I heard about the snow in Europe, and I would be so scared because usually this time I'd be flying to US to visit my girl-friend now wife. But we're together now so no worries anymore.
=) But I do miss playing with snow though

2. Cathy Holtom (site web) 21/12/2010

I hope you keep warm, I like the warm terracotta and the snow.

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