Kate's Drawingand Sketching class - Exercises 4 to 9

Une technique très intéressante qui m'a permis de "croquer" rapidement les traits généraux; Mais en retournant photo et carnet j'ai voulu tenter de retrouver une ressemblance, ce qui m'a pris beaucoup de temps et je n'y suis pas parvenue pour autant !!

Un exerice à refaire avec un sujet qui me touchera de moins près !

A very interesting technique: I was quicker to sketch the overall features and only spent a lot of time when - turning the photo and sketchbook the right side up - I wanted to achieve a likenes ... Which I didn't manage either way    :o)
Anyway I think I'll try with another photo that doesn't involve so much personal impact !

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1. Cathy (site web) 29/11/2010

A lovely sketch. I often draw upside down when I'm in difficulty, it helps me see what's really there and not what I think is there.

2. Alex Tan (site web) 29/11/2010

The kids are gorgeous! I am not sure how much likeliness is involved here, but I like the overall presentation, and I have yet to try drawing things upside down. I really should do it sometimes, to help remember to draw what I see, and not just draw like how it should be drawn.

3. Sandra Torguson (site web) 29/11/2010

Golly, I think that the sketch of the children is really nice. You should be pleased.

4. raena (site web) 30/11/2010

All of these exercises looks great, but I really love the results of this one.

5. Sherie (site web) 14/12/2010

The sketch itself looks great. As to likeness, since you didn't post the photo, I can't say anything about that. But, your proportions are fine. The key to likenesses is just keep doing faces over and over again. Each time you do one you'll see something different and another puzzle piece will fall into place. Starting the drawing upside down was a great idea. Now, just keep doing what you're doing. :)

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