Kate's Drawing and sketching class - Lesson 3

Bien occupée ces deux dernières semaines , je n'ai pas fait la totalité des exercices proposés mais j'ai trouvé des suggestions bien intéressantes.
Very busy for the last two weeks I didn't manage the whole lot of exercises but I did find very interesting  suggstions.

Commentaires (4)

1. Cathy (site web) 13/12/2010

You've been busy, the exercises look interesting and a good way ti improve.

2. raena (site web) 13/12/2010

Wonderful pages! That looks like an interesting exercise in number 11. I've never tried that before...does look like it would be difficult!

3. jenna (site web) 15/12/2010

Great pages! This class looks interesting - I'll need to browse your blog to find out more.

4. Sherie (site web) 21/12/2010

Great sketches. You've been very busy indeed.

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