Week-end en Champagne

Court week-end en Champagne sous un soleil généreux. Visite au cimetière américain, balade et mini croquis dans les vignes et dégustation de champagne dans les caves, bien sûr !..

Short but sunny weekend in the Champagne region.. Visit to the American cemetery, walk and mini sketch in the vineyards and tasting champagne in the cellars... of course !..

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1. Margaret (site web) 28/09/2009

I love this sketch! It looks 'just right' alongside your photographs.

2. Deborah (site web) 28/09/2009

There just something so enchanting about old grape vines. Lovely.

3. Alex Tan (site web) 28/09/2009

What a beautiful sketch! This one reminds me of Bonsai trees, which I think are really cool. Wine and Champagne tasting sounds really really good! :) I am glad you had a great weekend Martine!

4. raena (site web) 28/09/2009

Beautiful sketch! I love the twisting, gnarling look of it! France is such a beautiful country!

5. Dan (site web) 28/09/2009

Love that old gnarly twisty grape vine you drew. Seems to be struggling mightily hard to produce that small lump of grapes! The drawing sums up your fine weekend well. What beautiful photos - wish I could have tagged along!

6. Gary (site web) 29/09/2009

It does look like you had a great day Martine - dramatic drawing too - I love it.

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