EDM # 325 - Draw something blue

Peu ou pas de temps pour croquer ou peindre depuis plusieurs semaines, surtout en Suisse, où  jouer avec mes petits-enfants a été la principale occupation ! Juste le temps de croquer très vite le chat en bois  bleu de mes enfants: idéal pour ce thème de Everyday Matters !

No time for sketching or painting in the last weeks, particularly in Switzerland where playing with my grand-kids was the main occupation! I just managed to quicly sketch this wooden blue statue of a cat in my son's flat: it seemed a good model for EDM !


Croquis aquarelle

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1. betty 30/10/2011

He's absolutely adorable, Martine! The perfect subject for a portrait, and not so apt to fidget :-) Family and grandchildren time . . . that's priceless!!

2. Dan Kent 30/10/2011

If you can only do one sketch in a matter of weeks, it may as well be this one - it is so fun and full of personality - love the style. Well done. Enjoy your grandkids! Take it easy on the yodeling.

3. patty rae wellborn 30/10/2011

Very nice work.

4. Clare 30/10/2011

Hi Martine it is gorgeous. So glad you had enough time to produce this one.

5. Sandra Torguson 31/10/2011

I've missed your lovely work. Glad that it's a fun time,like playing with the grandkids, that has kept you away.

6. Alex Tan 31/10/2011

Nice statue! And love the face of the cat =) It's beautifully drawn Martine, and thank you for your comments too. I will take good care of myself, Meela is getting better

7. Mary walker 31/10/2011

Too cute wonderful shades of blue.

8. Cathy Holtom 31/10/2011

He looks as if he's about to say something! Great sketch.

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