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Il n'est pas parfait, c'est sûr, mais j'en suis bien contente tout de même car je l'ai fait moi-même et j'ai choisi le papier aquarelle .
It's not pefect for sure, but I am pleased with it because I made it myself and I chose the watercolour paper in it !

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1. Pooja Srinivas (site web) 29/12/2010

Good job! I love the deckled edges :-)

2. nancy t. (site web) 29/12/2010

Good for you .... it's lovely! You did a fine job with it, and won't it be fun to fill it with your paintings and sketches! Happy New Year! nancy

3. Barbara B (site web) 29/12/2010

Ooooh. Very nice. I love the edges and my favorite color, too : )

4. Dan Kent (site web) 29/12/2010

Excellent - wish I could do that! Nice paper, nice size too best I can tell.

5. Cathy (Kate) Johnson (site web) 30/12/2010

Hooray for you, Martine! It's MUCH better than my first one...lovely. You'll enjoy using it because it's YOURS--what a feeling of accomplishment.

6. Deborah Goldman (site web) 30/12/2010

Look great to me. Can't wait to see what you put on the pages.

7. Janene Walkky (site web) 30/12/2010

Looks great, Martine! I find sketchbook making is addicting--I can't wait to make some more myself!

8. Pascale (site web) 30/12/2010

Très joli carnet !

9. AnA (site web) 30/12/2010

Very good job! Love it

10. 30/12/2010

Nice pages/signatures...I bet you can't wait to fill them!

11. Cathy (site web) 30/12/2010

Looks great to me, you'll have fun filling it!

12. 30/12/2010

It looks great, I love working on wc paper.

13. Wendy Shortland (site web) 31/12/2010

Lovely book. Gorgeous cover, great deckled edges and I particularly like the format.

14. raena (site web) 31/12/2010

That is a sketchbook worth drooling over!

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