Vue sur Port Louis depuis Locmiquélic / Port Louis seen from Locmiquélic

Un jour lumineux pour croquer (pas comme aujourd'hui!! ) -
Feutre et aquarelle sur le vif.

Lovely light to sketch (not like today !! )
Ink and watercolor on location





Commentaires (8)

1. Dan Kent (site web) 10/09/2011

I love this spread - it makes me relax just to look at it.

2. Stew Crowther (site web) 10/09/2011

Lovely, beautiful painting.
I like it a lot.

3. 10/09/2011

How beautiful! Lovely colours and a wonderful sense of space.

4. Catherine Moore (site web) 10/09/2011

I love this! Very beautiful. I really like the colours and the space.

5. Cathy Holtom (site web) 11/09/2011

I love the 2 page composition, a very restful scene.

6. jenna (site web) 11/09/2011

that is SO peaceful and pretty!

7. Alex Tan (site web) 12/09/2011

It's just such a gorgeous spread, and totally filled with fine details, and elements that make the drawing appears so majestic and elegant!

8. Ann (site web) 15/09/2011


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