Une semaine de ski à Châtel / A week skiing in Châtel


1- Une semaine de ski à Châtel,      

1- A week for skiing in Châtel                     

2- Pêche à la truite sous la glace (Lac de Vonnes)

2- Trout fishing under the ice (Vonnes Lake)

3- A Avoriaz

3- In Avoriaz

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1. E*phi (site web) 06/02/2011

Wooow. I wouldn'd necessarily call these "sketches". Beautiful paintings! You really caught the cold and misty atmosphere! <3

2. Susan (site web) 06/02/2011

Love how you've shown the mist caught in the hollows. Lovely memories.

3. 06/02/2011

such beautiful sketches with good eye for nature's designs and what a memory!

4. Cathy (site web) 07/02/2011

Looks like a lovely place and a bit cold! Great sketches.

5. Dan Kent (site web) 07/02/2011

Beautiful sketchbook pages. Your use of the white in the page is masterful. I'm cold just looking at them.

6. Alex Tan (site web) 07/02/2011

These are marvelous Martine! I really like pictures with lots of snow (and whites) in it, and you're really masterful with these scenes! I am sure you're having a fun fun holiday =)

7. Janene Walkky (site web) 08/02/2011

These capture the crisp coldness of a winter day in the mountains very well--great sketches!

8. Ursula (site web) 08/02/2011

Lovely work - I could stare at that third one in particular for hours!

9. nancy t. (site web) 17/02/2011

First off, I Always want to have a look at what you've been doing! Secondly, these are just beautiful. What a wonderful trip and visual diary of it. nancy

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