Une pensée pour le Japon / My thoughts go to Japan

Un hommage bien modeste et dérisoire face à tant de douleur.
A modest tribute to those facing so much pain and horror.

Commentaires (8)

1. Sandy in Michigan (site web) 22/03/2011

Martine, Your sketch shows the tragedy of the situation in Japan, but also looks to the future and the people rebuilding their beloved country.

2. Lissa Rachelle (site web) 22/03/2011

What a beautiful, touching sketch, Martine.

3. Shirley (site web) 23/03/2011

Beautiful composition and painting.

4. Barbara B (site web) 23/03/2011

Martine, this is so sensitive and beautiful!

5. Alex Tan (site web) 23/03/2011

beautiful and very thoughtful work Martine. I have yet to find a way to contribute through art... work is driving me away from my passion and it's making me sad and anxious :(

6. Cathy (site web) 23/03/2011

A very poignant painting but also hopeful at the same time.

7. Sandra Torguson (site web) 23/03/2011

You have said so much. Beautiful.

8. raena (site web) 26/03/2011

Very thoughtful and touching. I've been struggling with how to portray this event in my own sketchbook. You've captured it beautifully with the girl trying to put her country (the flag) back together.

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