Tas de bois - Stack of wood


Pas vraiment le temps de "croquer" en ce moment !

Je suis dans la couture avec ma Maman; je déteste ça mais comme elle est en train de me confectionner plusiseurs vêtements, je ne peux décemment pas la laisser seule avce la machine à coudre !

J'ai commencé à dessiner au feutre ce tas de bois au fond du jardin il y a deux jours au soleil d'une fin d'après-midi et j'ai mis un peu d'aquarelle ce matin, mais bien sûr, la lumière n'était plus la même.... Grrrrrr.....!!!!!!

No real time for sketching right now!

I am in a "sewing session" with my Mum ... I hate it, but as she is making me a few outfits, I can't possibly leave her alone with my sewing machine !!

I started sketcking in ink this stack of wood in the garden two days ago, in the late afternoon light and I put some watercolour on it this morning, but of course the light was different.... Grrr... !!!

Croquis aquarelle Journal

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1. Jane A (site web) 25/08/2012

Martine, this log pile is superb. What a great picture - it makes me want to learn how to watercolour.

2. Mary Walker (site web) 25/08/2012

I like how you captured so much detail within each piece of wood.

3. Sherri (site web) 25/08/2012

I love all the detail in the wood! Fantastic!

4. Mary Martin 25/08/2012

Sorry the light wasn't right but it looks great to me!

5. Susan Miller 25/08/2012

I love the detail...it was captured perfectly. Good job!

6. Linda T (site web) 25/08/2012

Love the wood pile! The combination of ink and wash really captures the textures and shapes of wood.

7. clare (site web) 25/08/2012

It's wonderful Martine the detail, textures and tones are so good.

8. Stefano (site web) 25/08/2012

Your work is simply delightful and well executed. I love it and all the patience and care about the details on the wood. Also I love overall the composition of this drawing.


9. Cathy Holtom (site web) 26/08/2012

Lovely texture on the wood, great sketch!

10. Shirley (site web) 28/08/2012

Gorgeous! I'm so impressed with your ability to characterize the texture of the wood

11. Ramona Davidson (site web) 28/08/2012

Awesome. Love the detail of the wood. Glad you took the time to capture this to share with us.

12. Cathy Johnson (site web) 29/08/2012

LOVE this, Martine...sometimes it's the little things, isn't it?

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