Plouay dans le Morbihan - Plouay, in Morbihan (south Brittany)

Balade à Plouay en Morbihan.
Stylo Lamy Safari et encre "permanente"
 ( à suivre pour savoir si cela ne bouche pas le conduit ...) couleur "Scabiosa" de Rohrer & Klingner puisque je n'ai toujours pas réussi à trouver de Noodler's marron ou gris en Europe !!   :o((
... et aquarelle, sur le vif.

Stroll in Plouay, Morbihan.
Lamy Safari fountain pen and "waterproof" ink (just waiting to see if it doesn't clog the pen and nib since I can't seem to find Noodler's bullet proof ink in the colours I want : brown, sepia or grey... in Europe! Buying it online from the USA costs a fortune for shipping!!    :o((
So,  Rohrer & Klingner bottled ink , "Scabiosa" colour !... Wait and see!
And watercolour, everything on location.


Commentaires (7)

1. MaryO 12/09/2011

Your sketches are charming! Sorry you can't find the Noodler's ink over there. Hope the R&K ink doesn't clog your pen.

2. Christie (site web) 12/09/2011

I wish I could sketch like this! So free and lively, yet so substantial. Know how you feel regarding the shipping expense. In Hawaii, getting orders from the US mainland really hurts.

3. Clare (site web) 13/09/2011

Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

4. Dan (site web) 13/09/2011

I love the first takes me away. The blending in the bushes is wonderful, and a great sketch. They are all excellent of course. Good luck with the ink. Love that Lamy. I'll have to pick mine up again one of these days.

5. Sandra Torguson (site web) 13/09/2011

We certainly did well with what you had. Nice work.

6. 13/09/2011

I like them all! I bought a big bottle of Lexington Gray from USA, it cost me but I hope it will last. If we lived nearer we could share the postage :o

7. Alex Tan (site web) 16/09/2011

Beautiful drawings Martine! I could already feel the cool breeze in my face =)

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