Notre balade au bord de l'Oise / Our stroll along the river Oise

Hier était un vrai jour de début de Printemps: douceur, soleil, chant d'oiseaux, gros bourgeons luisants et collants, minuscules feuilles vert tendre sur les branches: la promesse d'un renouveau encore caché, un peu comme avant d'ouvrir un cadeau, tout est possible !
Feutre et aquarelle à la maison, d'après photo (Pas le temps de s'arrêter pour croquer sur place !)

Yesterday was really the beginning of Spring: mild temperature, sunshine, birds singing, fat, glistening buds, tiny pale green leaves on branches: the promise of a still uncovered renewal, like before opening a present: everything is possible.
Ink and watercolour at home (no time for stopping and sketching on location !)

Commentaires (8)

1. Lissa Rachelle (site web) 15/03/2011

What a wonderful sketch! I love your colours. You have really captured the peace and tranquility and some of the "loneliness" of the scene.

2. Dan Kent (site web) 16/03/2011

Wherever you did it - I like it. Very beautiful.

3. Alex Tan (site web) 16/03/2011

terrific sketch Martine! Love the angle, the composition, the colors, and all the details.

4. Cathy (site web) 16/03/2011

This is gorgeous, I love the trees!

5. Sandra Torguson (site web) 16/03/2011

It's so peaceful that it looked like you had time to stop.

6. Ellen Burkett (site web) 16/03/2011

Tis is just beautiful Martine! Just so very serene. I love it!

7. raena (site web) 18/03/2011

Nicely done, Martine. Sometimes we just don't have time to stop and make a proper sketch on location. Currently I'm in Las Vegas visiting relatives and the only things I've managed is taking pictures for future sketches!

8. Susan (site web) 05/05/2011

Oh I love this. It pulls you right in to the tranquility. I could sit on this riverbank for a LONG time.

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