Mon Journal Illustré en Bretagne / My Art Journal in Brittany (4)

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    Vieux bateau  à Port Louis                   Maison de pêcheur à Locmiquélic     Le marais de Pen Mané à Locmiquélic

      Old ship in Port Louis                        Fisherman's house in Locmiquélic         Pen Mané marsh in Locmiquélic

Commentaires (8)

1. Susan (site web) 23/01/2011

Your site is a delight! Lovely sketches.

2. Sandra Torguson (site web) 23/01/2011

These are just wonderful! Such depth.

3. Dan Kent (site web) 23/01/2011

These are stunning! All so well done. They are more than sketches - they are paintings.

4. Janene Walkky (site web) 23/01/2011

Martine, This are gorgeous! All of your practice with watercolors is really paying off. The colors, composition and everything about these is great.

5. Cathy (site web) 23/01/2011

Martine these are so beautiful. I love the woman feeding the chickens and the one of St Catherine, fantastic work!

6. Alex Tan (site web) 23/01/2011

Very nice looking site Martine =) I love the presentation, and it looks like the visitors are about to embark a wonderful journey with your artwork...which is so true and incredible ^^

7. Sasa (site web) 23/01/2011

Your Brittany journal is awesome! Please continue with it, would live to see more...

8. Elza (site web) 23/01/2011

Really beautiful work. Serious and playful at the same time. Elza

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