Lac du Bourget

 La veille de la cérémonie d'obsèques, un moment de sérénité au bord du Lac du Bourget (Savoie)

The evening before the funeral, a peaceful moment next to the Bourget Lake (French Alps)


aquarelle Croquis Journal

Commentaires (4)

1. Mrs. Lynn Roselli (site web) 06/07/2012


2. Elsie Hickey Wilson 06/07/2012

Beautiful and peaceful! So much sympathy for the reason to be there. But these peaceful moments help.

3. Nancy (site web) 07/07/2012

It's very beautiful. I'm sorry to be so far behind in your blog .. I've missed seeing your lovely work. nancy

4. Rebecca Stahr (site web) 07/07/2012

Very beautiful and peaceful. I hope it was soothing for your soul. Your rendering beautifully speaks of that quality.

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