Journal Breton / Artist Journal in Brittany

Deux croquis faits respectivement à Quiberon et Pont Aven.                   Two sketches done in Quiberon and Pont Avenquiberon.jpg


Croquis aquarelle Bretagne

Commentaires (7)

1. Alena (site web) 15/05/2012

Oh, wow :) These are wonderful!

2. leona (site web) 15/05/2012

Exciting lines!

3. nancy (site web) 15/05/2012

These are both very beautiful. I agree wtih Leona - the lines are very dynamic and well done! nancy

4. Joan 15/05/2012

These are stunning! I love your style of drawing and make me want to travel to Breton...

5. Raena (site web) 16/05/2012

These are both terrific! Great work with the perspective on the second!

6. Cathy Holtom (site web) 16/05/2012

Beautiful work!

7. Timaree (site web) 17/05/2012

These are both great sketches. I love your way of using loose linework with the watercolor.

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