Images de Bretagne ... Pictures from Brittany (3)

Croquis faits sur le vif au feutre et à l'aqueralle.

Sketches done on location with ink and watercolour.


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1. Sandra Torguson (site web) 12/06/2011

All of your sketches are so well done! Thanks to you, I get to see other parts of the world.

2. Sue Brown (site web) 12/06/2011

Great sketches - the village one is incredibly detailed.

3. Alex Tan (site web) 13/06/2011

I love it when you draw houses, looks great! ANd really love it when you draw people.

4. Shirley (site web) 13/06/2011

Lovely collection of travel drawings. Thanks for sharing.

5. nancy t. (site web) 13/06/2011

These are all wonderful, but I especially like the first one. I love the perspective and the detail. nancy

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