Exposition "Les Gaulois" - An Exhibition about " The Gauls"

img516.jpgjournal2.jpgExposition à La Cité des Sciences de La Villette (Paris) sur nos ancêtres "Les Gaulois": des ateliers intéressants, des informations sur l'étymologie de certains noms de lieux et des objets étonnants !

Visit to the "Cité des Sciences" in La Villette quarter in Paris, about our ancestors: "the Gauls": interesting workshops,  information about some places ' names and their etymology, and some amazing objects.

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1. Larry Marshall (site web) 30/08/2012

Wonderful sketches from your trip to the musée. I hope to do museum sketching this winter, my first since taking up sketching. I`m saving those trips until winter as right now I`m enjoying outdoor sketching sessions while it`s warm enough in Quebec City to do them :-)

I love your sketching style and have learned much from studying your work. Thanks.

Cheers --- Larry

2. Kate (Cathy Johnson) (site web) 30/08/2012

What a great sketching opportunity, I love what you've done with it, Martine!

3. shirley (site web) 30/08/2012

Love the museum page....

And thans again for turning off capcha!

4. Donn (site web) 30/08/2012

Great sketches and interesting information. Thanks for sharing.

5. Beth Berman (site web) 30/08/2012

I love your work and always look but have not commented until now since I don't do the robo security codes. Look forward to more visits to your site. Thanks.

6. Cathy Holtom (site web) 31/08/2012

This looks like an interesting museum, you give a good idea with your sketches as to what it's about.

7. nancy (site web) 31/08/2012

What a wonderful exhibit! Your selections of what to draw are so interesting (not to mention well done), and it would be so much fun to be there in person! nancy

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