Desséchée.. !! / Dried out.. !!

Pas d'énergie, pas d'inspiration.. Un passage à vide un peu lassant ! Patience !!
No stamina, no inspiration... A totally unproductive period that's getting wearisome ! Patience !!

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1. mes crobards (site web) 16/07/2011

l'inspiration est là voila un dessin ;)

2. Ursula (site web) 17/07/2011

Maybe drawing your lack of inspiration is what will get you going again, who knows!

But I think this is pretty creative for suffering from "no inspiration"!

3. Alex Tan (site web) 17/07/2011

I sure hope that those aren't how you feel right now. If that's how you feel, I really hope that you'll feel better. =) Despite that, the sketch is still very cool

4. Cathy Holtom (site web) 17/07/2011

Go outside and pick up some things from the garden, whatever you find..stones, leaves, etc. then draw them. Do an Edm challenge or go through your photographs and pick a couple to play with on photoshop?
If all else fails put some loud music on very loud and dance!

5. Sandra Torguson (site web) 17/07/2011

You inspire me. Sit outside, turn in three directions and draw three pictures. This block will pass.

6. Dan Kent (site web) 17/07/2011

Well this is funny and creative! So the muse is still standing behind you urging your to go on! Work through it, and I'm sure you will be fine.

7. nancy t. (site web) 19/07/2011

All useful tips from everyone who posted before me ... I think I'll try them all! nancy

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