Derniers croquis bretons / Last sketches from Brittany

Je l'avais oublié dans mon carnet celui-là ! Encre et aquarelle sur place. / I had forgotten that one in my sketchbook!  Ink and watercolour on the spot .


Et le deuxième, oublié aussi, mais sans aquarelle: il fallait ré-embarquer vers Lorient ./ The second one I had forgotten too! But no watercolour as the ferryboat was wating to take us back to the continent !


Croquis aquarelle

Commentaires (7)

1. jenna 06/10/2011

These are gorgeous!

2. Clare Hansford 06/10/2011

You make beautiful watercolours!

3. raena 06/10/2011

Beautiful colors in that top one! Well done!

4. Melissa 07/10/2011

Wonderful detail and color. And nice water!

5. Alex Tan 07/10/2011

Gorgeous work Martine, as always. Love the scene and the way you illustrated them. Cool sketch as well!

6. Sasa 07/10/2011

Very fresh colors, like it!

7. nancy t 07/10/2011

The top one is stunning! Maybe you'll add color to the other one too, someday .... or, if you're like me, not! lol nancy

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