Croquis rapides (2) / Some quick sketches (2)

Le Printemps est là ! / Spring is here !

Un petit bouquet de jonquilles pour ma Maman.
A bunch of daffodils I offered my Mum.

Commentaires (5)

1. nancy t. (site web) 04/03/2011

Beautiful and so springy! You did a great job with the vase, too. nancy

2. meegan (site web) 05/03/2011

c'est beau! sorry, my french is bad. i love the ink work.

3. debra (site web) 06/03/2011

Beautiful spring flowers and quick sketches Martine

4. Alex Tan (site web) 06/03/2011

I love it! =)

5. Krista (site web) 06/03/2011

Lovely flowers, Martine, and what a great daughter you are for giving them to your mother. Thoughts of Spring are definitely welcome around here!

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