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Désolée les garçons, aujourd'hui on "cause chiffons" !!

Je voulais vous montrer le résultat de notre séance couture avec ma Maman (88 ans !!) 80% du travail pour elle, 20% par moi.

En fait je me suis contentée de piquer à la machine à coudre tandis qu'elle me disait quoi faire !

Ce sont des tissus typiques achetés sur le marché de Papeete lors d'un séjour Polynésien en juillet 2008.

Et comme il reste du tissu bleu, Maman m'a dit qu'elle me ferait un autre ensemble comme le vert sur la photo, une fois de retour chez elle en septembre!

Merci ma petite Maman!!!

Sorry boys, we'll talk about clothes today.
I wanted to show you the result of my sewing session with my Mum (88 years old !!)

In fact I just used the sewing machine, following her instructions step by step ; She did 80% of the job , and I did only 20% !!

This typical fabric I bought on Papeete market (Tahiti) when I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in French Polynesia in July 2008.

And as there is still some blue material left, Mum said she would sew me another outfit like the green one on the photo, once she is back home in September .

Thank you, sweet little Mum !!!

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Commentaires (8)

1. Mary Walker (site web) 29/08/2012

I really like the sketches with the swatch of material. I draw in a sketchbook that I use as my 'fashion memoirs' and it reminds me of that.

2. Cathy Johnson (site web) 29/08/2012

Great job, Martine! Both the sewing and the sketch...makes me want to get out my sewing machine.

3. CaptElaine (site web) 29/08/2012

Wonderful fabrics, love the outfits you and your Mom made. My Mom is about the same age and is a wonderful seamstress too.
Oh and thanks for getting rid of those horrid capcha words

4. Joan 29/08/2012

No good at sewing???? Says you. I think you look fabulous and the outfits are very nice. I do sew, and do it very well, but I have never sewn anything for myself that I liked when it was finished. At least you have two outfits to show for your "lessons"...and they look very nice on you. Wear them and be proud!

5. Cathy Holtom (site web) 29/08/2012

Lovely outfits and sketches. Very professional modelling too!

6. Ramona Davidson (site web) 29/08/2012

Love the results of the sewing and art. Both are great. Thanks so much for coming by and visiting and commenting on my art.

7. Stefano (site web) 30/08/2012

Two great works! Congrats!

8. Sandra Torguson (site web) 30/08/2012

Wow! the clothes look great. How really special that you mom likes to sew at her age

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