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Court séjour en Bretagne - Short trip to South Brittany

 Petit séjour en Morbihan en juillet .
Short trip to Morbihan in July.


Croquis aquarelle Bretagne Journal

Commentaires (5)

1. Sandy in Michigan (site web) 16/08/2012

Great sketches! I especially like the last one with the view of the water. What beautiful pen work!

2. clare (site web) 16/08/2012

Simply wonderful sketches, I love them. You have inspired me to make a start on my Paris sketch book.

3. Stefano (site web) 17/08/2012

You made a fantastic work. All these sketches are very nice and colorful like your trip. Bellissimi.

4. Linda T (site web) 17/08/2012

Beautiful!! I like the way you use ink and color.

5. Margaret (site web) 20/08/2012

Lovely sketches, especially that last one!

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