Coquillages / Seashells

Dernier croquis de Bretagne: quelques uns des coquillages ramassés sur la côte de Locmariaquer.
Last sketch from Brittany: I collected quite a few seashells along Locmariaquer coast.

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1. magpie (site web) 25/01/2011

these are lovely. nothing like. finding shells
whether by the sea
or on a blog

2. Barbara B (site web) 25/01/2011

Lovely sketches. Sad that vacations have to end.

3. Dan Kent (site web) 26/01/2011

These are beautiful sketches of shells! (I should know, I live in Miami).

4. raena (site web) 26/01/2011

Great shells! And it looks like you had fun at the sketchcrawl too! It is good to see you posting again!

5. Janene Walkky (site web) 26/01/2011

I like the color palette you used on these and the great shading. They are very realistic.

6. Alex Tan (site web) 27/01/2011

Nicely done Martine. And what a wonderful collection this is. =)

7. ffyrebird (site web) 29/01/2011

the seashell are wonderful! Excellent work!

8. nancy t. (site web) 31/01/2011

These are lovely, and what a wonderful reminder of your trip! nancy

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