Bersac sur Rivalier (Limousin)

Croquis du jardin des oncle et tante de mon époux et d'une des tortues . Encre et lavis sur le vif.

Done on location in my husband's aunt and uncle's garden (in Limousin: centre of France) Ink and watercolour.





Commentaires (8)

1. Carole Moran (site web) 05/05/2011

I smiled when I saw the turtle. Thank you.

2. Sandy in Michigan (site web) 05/05/2011

Martine, These sketches are charming. The colors and line work are beautiful.

3. Susan (site web) 06/05/2011

Charming is the perfect word for your delightful grouping. Inviting.

4. Margaret (site web) 06/05/2011

What beautiful sketches - the colours are lovely!

5. Alex Tan (site web) 06/05/2011

Beautiful work! I absolutely love it when you draw houses with lots of tall trees =)
The flowers are pretty too, and I really really like the tortoise!

6. Jennifer Edwards (site web) 07/05/2011

Martine, these sketches are amazingly beautiful!!

7. Cathy (site web) 07/05/2011

Beautiful sketch!

8. Sandra Torguson (site web) 12/05/2011

Such a lovely piece. They must have loved seeing their garden captured in your painting.

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