Aquarelles Russes / Russian watercolours - Croquis d'arbres / Tree sketches

1- Des couleurs très vives et riches et une aquarelles imaginaire de petit format pour les essayer.
Very rich and bright watercolours and a small size, imaginary watercolour to see what they look like on paper .

2- Croquis et couleurs aux feutres Pitt Artist
Sketch and colours with Pitt artist Pens

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1. 20/03/2011

these are such good pages to learn from...imagine how your watercolor will sing with those colors! Have you tried trees in your yard? I haven't but when the weather is right I am bravely going to do that...:-)

2. Leona (site web) 21/03/2011

The seascape is just beautiful!

3. Dali Lobo 21/03/2011

Very nice trees.
What brand are the Russian watercolors?

4. Alex Tan (site web) 21/03/2011

I am not sure which is which but I am sure you're getting results you needed. The trees are gorgeous ^^ I love drawing trees... I just forgot that I do.

5. Sandra Torguson (site web) 21/03/2011

Nice to have the watercolors, but you sure made good use of the Pitt pens!

6. raena (site web) 21/03/2011

Wonderful exercises, Martine! I am sometimes so overwhelmed with landscapes that I think maybe I should do something like this more often!

7. Shirley (site web) 21/03/2011

Beautiful trees! And each one distinctive.

8. Cathy Holtom (site web) 22/03/2011

You got some great colours on the trees, are these the landscape pitt pens?

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